• Overview

    You'll be joining a team of people who believe in making great products for developers and have the technical skills to make it happen. We're led by Open Source and software startup veterans.

    We build our product, Skylight, design-first, and believe in letting product requirements drive technical decisions, not the other way around. That's because we believe that approaching problems holistically is the best way to improve on the usually-mediocre "way things are."

    If you're the kind of person who wants to challenge the status quo rather than accept it, you'll do great here.

    The team is small, but the product is growing steadily; you'll have the ability to make a big impact, working on all parts of the stack.

    Tilde's a tight-knit family. We work hard solving complex problems, but also value work/life balance and the big things, like our families, sleep and sanity. You should too.

  • Skylight

    Skylight is a Rails performance monitoring tool for busy developers. It tracks and collects huge amounts of information from Rails applications, then distills it down into something actionable that mere mortals can understand.

    Make no mistake: representing performance information understandably is a remarkably hard problem, and one that we take seriously.

    Regardless of your skill level, you'll be working up-and-down the stack, solving challenging problems and developing new features for our customers. Difficult engineering challenges in any part of our stack never dictate what we build. We start by designing the best user experience we can think of, and then figure out how to make it work. We strive for "insanely great," and don't let hard technical problems stop us.

  • Notes on our Stack

    Our agent, which runs in our thousands of our customers' Rails applications, has been written in Rust since early 2014. Tilde is one of the few companies that deploys production Rust code at this scale and the first to integrate Ruby and Rust, and we’ve worked on open-source projects to make the process easier for everyone

    Our data processing pipeline, which processes over four billion requests a month (and growing fast), is a Java app that uses Cassandra for persistence and Kafka for queueing. We are exploring migrating some of this code to Rust, and you should be enthusiastic about helping to explore this prospect further.

    Our front-end is an Ember application that communicates with the account management Rails app using traditional Ajax requests and with the collector via Web Sockets. We do our best to keep the Ember application running on the latest stable release and uses Ember CLI and Ember Data. The application is heavy in interactive data-viz, and uses a lot of d3, all encapsulated in Ember components.

    We don't expect you to be familiar with every piece of technology we use, but instead to have a willingness to learn and work with the elements of our stack.

  • Our Technical Philosophy

    We favor open-source tools with strong communities that encourage convention over configuration. We try to use existing projects first. If no existing project fits, we try to contribute back to an existing project that is close to what we need. Failing that, we try to create a new project extracted from our needs. We try to avoid creating in-house, closed source solutions as much as possible.

    When making choices, we also prioritize tools that make it easy for people across the experience spectrum to collaborate. In practice, this means that programming beginners can jump in and be productive, and our most experienced engineers can help contribute back fixes, report bugs, and help mentor the team on how to use the tools effectively.

  • Consulting

    We're a bootstrapped startup, so we do some consulting (mostly Ember and Rails) to help pay the bills while we grow Skylight revenues and invest in the product.

    As the company and Skylight have grown, we've been able to scale back the volume of consulting work. Still, expect that you'll periodically be assigned to consulting projects in between product sprints.

    We're selective about clients, and most of our projects are interesting, challenging, and working with great people building ambitious things. We find that their projects help keep us sharp and expose us to things we might not be taking on while focused on Skylight.

  • Working On-Site @ Tilde HQ

    Most of us work together on-site in lovely Portland, OR, which is where you'd be as well. HQ is in the heart of downtown Portland, walking distance to all the things. It's central to MAX, the streetcar, buses, numerous parking garages, and has in-office bike parking and showers.

    We're a small team, and our working style is collaborative. Our engineers work solo or in pairs, switch up pairing partners on a regular basis, so there's lots of variety in both partner and task. We all like each other, and have a strict no-asshole policy for all team members :p Our office is not an open plan office.

  • Employment, Perks, Salaries

    Our compensation structure is built around ideas of transparency, equality and equitability, that reward hard work and achievement.

    • Generous Paid Time Off; 4 weeks per year
    • Additional 10-12 paid holidays per year, including the days before Christmas and Thanksgiving
    • Additional paid time off for industry conferences and speaking engagements
    • Fully-covered employee Life, Dental, AD&D and Health insurance (and it's good insurance!)
    • FSA (Flexible Spending Account) with annual employer contributions
    • 401k plan
    • Annual contribution in the amount of 3% of your salary, deposited into your 401k account, whether or not you've contributed on your own
    • Maternity/Paternity/Adoptive Parent Leave and separate Medical Leave
    • Infants-at-Work program
    • Reasonable and prioritized work/life balance
    • Relocation assistance
    • …and a fantastic team of coworkers :)

    Tilde is an equal opportunity employer and we value diversity. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status, or disability status.

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