Current Curricula

Introduction to Ember

Want to improve (or create) your Ember.js skills? We'll take you from beginner all the way through to creating a complete, well-architected web application. Each lecture is followed by a hands-on lab that will apply the learned concepts immediately. Select the date of your session for specific curriculum details.

Online On Your Own Time
San Francisco, CA August 25-27, 2014

Advanced Ember

If you're already comfortable with Ember.js but looking to level up, this is the training for you. Our two-day course is a deep-dive into two of the most important topics you'll need when building real-world Ember apps: Persistence and The View Layer. Not for the faint of heart ;) Select the date for your session for specific curriculum details.

San Francisco, CA August 28-29, 2014

Corporate Training

We can take your developers from beginners all the way through to creating complete, well-architected web applications.

Any of our existing training curricula can be presented as corporate trainings, in addition to custom classes. Our minimum class size is 20 students. We can coordinate combining multiple smaller groups to help you reach that number.

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